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Old Stuff Day

Do you treasure older items, or do you see them as outdated clutter? Regardless of your stance on “old stuff,” there is a way for you to participate in Old Stuff Day on March 2!

Most people have at least a few older possessions in their homes. If you have been meaning to discard or donate any of them, take some time on Old Stuff Day to locate, evaluate, and decide what to do with the items you no longer want or need. If your old stuff includes valued antiques, cherished mementos, or any other prized belongings, take some time to research the history of those items or to reminisce about the memories that those items evoke. Alternatively, if you don’t have much old stuff or just want to see some “new” old stuff, consider going to a museum or antique store and admiring the variety of unique items that are on display there.

Old stuff can provide a glimpse into the past, and many older items have interesting backstories just by virtue of existing for so long. What does your old stuff mean to you?